flickr favorites . . . ann-d

ann-d is one of my absolute favorite artists on flickr.  i could spend days just staring at the beautiful images from her daily sketchbooks.  she has so much incredible work, which makes it almost impossible for me to choose favorites... but here are just a few of many that caught my eye:

this is just a tiny sampling of the hundreds of gorgeous sketchbook pages posted on ann's flickr page.  each one is totally unique and totally inspiring.  definitely take a few moments to visit her photostream... you won't be disappointed!  also take a look at her etsy shop showcasing a small selection of her original paintings and illustrations.



NONtRENDY said...

I've seen this work before.

Anonymous said...

I love this style of illustration. I wish I could draw like ann-d too

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Amazing work...love it.