japanese masking tape

how adorable are these little sets of color coordinated, patterned japanese masking tape?  use them for gift wrapping, scrabbooking, or just hanging bits of inspiration on your walls.  the tape can be removed and repositioned without tearing or leaving a residue, so you can use it anywhere you want!

a set of 3 rolls is $6.50 at ginko papers, and they have a bunch of other cute colors available.



Blog Artists said...

Thanks for that...I think I may have to get me some...love your Blog!!
Hope you have some yummy Pancakes today!

parallel-botany said...

Isn't this tape neat? I was looking at Ginko Paper just yesterday.

My one quibble is that I didn't see any measurements on the product listing though, how wide the tape is, how many feet per roll, etc.

picciolo said...

what gorgeous colour combinations,they look so stylish!
: )

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone made masking tape interesting. These are fabulous!

laura said...

I just got my order of this tape, and they are little rolls, maybe 1/2" wide. Pretty small. But very pretty!