front page treasury!

this treasury i curated was picked for the front page of etsy this morning! check out what these amazing photographers do with light...



veeeerrrrry interesting . . .

. . . but what does it all mean? this was posted yesterday by rob kalin, ceo and founder of etsy:


let the rumors begin!


handmade style . . . imogen heap

today's blog was inspired by gilbea's awesome blog post on how to recreate celebrity style with items from etsy! i absolutely love fashion (as some of you know, i had a brief stint as a fashion design student at fit in new york), so i was totally into the idea. and what better inspiration than one of my favorite singers . . . the loveable, crazy, gorgeous, and amazing miss imogen heap! immi has a style all her own . . . part vintage, part trendy, very girly and definitely ecclectic. here are my tips for those of you who want to try to recreate miss heap's fabulous style:

1. start with a few girly basics like poufy skirts, flowy floral tops, corsets, lacy camisoles, and victorian inspired jackets.
2. accessorize like crazy! hats, hair pieces, scarves, jewelry . . . immi loves to pile it all on. she almost always wears something on at least one wrist, and is often seen with flowers and feathers in her hair . . . the more the better. don't be afraid!
3. boots. high heeled, slouchy, preferably white, possibly vintage.
4. don't be too matchy. only wear things you love and you will look and feel fabulous!

here are my etsy picks for those of you who are bold enough to try to recreate immi's style:

pretty layered necklace with crystals and charms from divinerose

amazing cameo corset from louiseblack

girly and whimsical top from flutter

make a serious statement with this feather hat from katieburley

fairy tale - worthy skirt from patchesandrags

fabulous vintage white boots from nikitajade

unique and fun tights from jameslillis

gorgeous antique looking earrings from 1ofmykind



prints, big sale, and more!

helena print, now available in the shop!

okay, so i know i have been reaaalllllyyy bad at updating this blog recently, but i think i have some pretty good reasons. for those of you that don't know, my husband robin and i just moved from connecticut to new jersey a few weeks ago. we have been wanting to move closer to my family, and robin got a great new job at boeing aircraft in philadelphia - so here we are! we are currently living with my parents and searching for a home. we are first time homebuyers, so it is a really crazy, stressful, and exciting time!

enough with the excuses though... i am finally starting to get back in the swing of things over in the shop. first of all, i just listed my very first print for sale! i love drawing and creating mixed media artwork, so i decided to buy a fancy schmancy printer and try to sell some prints of my artwork on etsy. i have been toying around with the idea of opening another shop just for my artwork, but i decided to list a few things in my current shop first and see what kind of response they get. right now i only have one print listed (see the picture above for a preview!), but there are more on the way so keep checking back!

finally, i am having a super sale in honor of mother's day, which also happens to fall on my birthday this year! check out the super sale section for some great deals on jewelry and notecard sets... but hurry, the sale ends this sunday!