fashion finds... jacket required

{photo by karlamariep}

happy monday everyone!  and happy fall... as of last week, the season is officially upon us!  be sure to check out this week's fashion finds over at papernstitch for a great selection of fall jackets.


what i'm listening to... french pop!

here's a fun playlist of french pop music (along with an adorable head-bopping bear courtesy of mixpod) to get your week started... enjoy!



stuff i want... city sparkle dress

i saw this dress in the window if french connection the other day and almost died.  i've been really into black, mixed metals, and heavy embellishment lately... so of course i am obsessed with this dress.  i think it would be the perfect holiday party/new year's eve dress with some black tights and classic black pumps... exactly like the model, no jewelry necessary!  keeping my fingers crossed it goes on sale...



what i'm listening to... la semaine prochaine by marc lavoine

we heard this song a million times while we were in paris... listening to it now makes me feel like i'm back there... :)



my latest obsession... french macarons

if you've never tried a french macaron... well, you are missing out!  though the word translates to "macaroon" in english, they are nothing like the chewy little mounds of coconut that might come to mind.  no, nothing at all... french macarons are these delightful little sandwich cookies... but to call them "cookies" doesn't really do them justice.

a good macaron is kind of an ethereal creation... the shell, made from whipped egg whites and almond powder, cracks delicately when you bite into it, revealing a tender inside.  the fillings range from fluffy buttercream to rich ganache to flavor-packed preserves.  part of the appeal is that they come in a million different flavors, and they are also totally beautiful... when they're all lined up, they look like colorful little gems inside a jewel box!

while we were in paris, we tried many a macaron... we waited in line to sample ladurée's famous macarons (packaged in a gorgeous mint green box), visited two of pierre hermé's stunning shops to try his innovative creations, and made several pit stops at gérard mulot's hectic but efficient shop in saint-germain-des-près for the macarons that became "mon préféré."

we packed a box of 12 macarons from mulot in our checked luggage, and miraculously the fragile little morsels arrived in the states unscathed!  of course, those babies are long gone now... so we are on the hunt for the best french macaron in the u.s.!  any tips, please let me know...



dear robin...

happy 2nd anniversary!

what would i do without you?  i love you so much and i'm thankful for every day with you and every adventure we get to have together... i can't wait to see what's next for us!

together we're invincible :)



i'm back!

hello lovelies!

it's true... i'm back from an absolutely amazing two-week trip to paris.  the photo above shows the view from our 6th-floor studio window... so beautiful!  i've only been back for a few days, and i miss paris already.  everything was fabulous... our apartment, our neighborhood, the food, the wine, the museums, the shopping, the music...!  i could go on and on...

this week i'll definitely be sharing more photos and stories from the trip, so keep checking back!  also be sure to check papernstitch later this afternoon for my weekly fashion finds... bet you can't guess the theme this week... ;)



au revoir!

{paris rooftops... photo by kmsf}

after months of anticipation, the day has finally come... my husband and i are leaving for paris tonight!

sadly i won't be able to blog from abroad, but i'll be back on the 16th and i'm sure i'll have lots of stories (and photos) to share :)

until then... au revoir!



sarah hardaker

when i saw this photo on decor8 the other day, i instantly fell in love with sarah hardaker's chinoiserie print wallpaper and fabric.  i love that she used the same pattern for both the wall covering and the chair upholstery.  it's a really bold statement, but the look is still soft, pretty, and romantic.

i clicked over to sarah's website and discovered even more beautiful, feminine patterns in tons of amazing color schemes.  her vintage paisley fabric (above) is perfect for that casual-chic cottage look, and the pom pom pattern (below) is bright, fun, and spunky.

fabric and wallpaper are available by the meter, and sarah also offers up custom made totes and cushions.  what's not to love?