markus linnenbrink.

german artist markus linnenbrink is famous for his wildly colorful, psychedelic installations, sculptures, and paintings. i don't know about you, but if i had the money i would totally commission him to paint a hallway in my house!



textile designs by holli zollinger.

if you haven't discovered spoonflower yet, it's time to jump on the fabric designing bandwagon!

not only can you design your own fabrics using designs you've created on your computer, but you can also browse through thousands of user-created designs to find the perfect fabric for your next project.

holli zollinger is one of my favorite designers on the site. i am enamored with her use of fun colors and geometric patterns mixed with organic shapes.

these are some of my favorites... don't you think they'd be perfect for a modern patchwork quilt?


bianca brunner.

the beautiful colors and psychedelic abstract patterns of bianca brunner's spill series of photographs are simply mesmerizing. i've been staring at them all afternoon!

hope you have a wonderful friday and a happy weekend!


love obsessed jewelry.

i am definitely love obsessed with stacy dill's hand painted neon rhinestone jewelry. each piece is one of a kind, inspired by the designs of the vintage jewelry stacy uses to create them.

the fun pop of neon would be the perfect modern accent to a simple, classic dress or a t-shirt and jeans. definitely on my must-have list for spring!


warby parker.

i've been looking for new prescription glasses frames for ages, but i've had a hard time finding a pair that is stylish and affordable.

enter warby parker... they offer classic, vintage-inspired frames with a modern twist at $95 a pop (including rx lenses). because they mostly sell online, they also have an awesome and totally free home try-on program. they send you your top five frames so you can try them out and get your friends' opinions... after five days you send them back and place an order for your fave.

the best part of all? for every pair they sell, warby parker makes sure a person in need gets their own pair of prescription glasses. that's what i call a win-win!



one year ago today, my husband and i took home an absolutely adorable seven-week old pug puppy. now he's all grown up and brings us joy and laughter every single day.

happy pugiversary, elmer!


design crush: logos in black + white.

{a bit of crumpet by super_furry}

{old faithful shop by PTARMAK}

{sfgirlbybay logo by shanna murray}

{cast iron design company, via designspiration}

{cal's classic american tavern by taylor pemberton}


april awakening.

etsy's taste test can be hit or miss, but they hit the nail on the head when they recommended i check out april awakening.

i am enamored with april's irreverent combinations of vintage and modern... from neon-painted lace doilies to geometric stamped victorian portraits, every single item in her shop is a winner. add it all to my wishlist!


paris patina.

paris is a beautiful place... no one can dispute that.

but one of my favorite things about the city is the layers of beauty that lie beyond the postcard-perfect churches, gardens, and monuments. i am captivated by the way the years have perfectly aged every surface. i (and my camera) adore all the faded, worn colors and textures of the city.

here are some shots of the grittier beauty of paris from my most recent trip...

love these images? check my etsy shop for prints.