light as a feather

{feathers print by groundwork}

{in memory of flight photo by wrenandchickadee}

{tail feathers watercolor by gollybard}

{feather screen print by newduds}
{six photo by evesimone}


fashion finds . . . now & later

{photos by cuba gallery and jibby}

sorry my fashion finds are a little late this week... i've been having trouble with my internet ever since we moved into the new place. but it's back up and running now, and i'm ready to hit you with some fantastic finds!

with summer whizzing by at lightning speed, i've been starting to think about how i want to spruce up my wardrobe this fall. but before i can transition into full-on fall fashion, i have to figure out what to wear during that sometimes tricky in-between season. luckily, certain pieces are great multitaskers and will work for both summer and fall... head on over to papernstitch to see my "now & later" finds.


fashion finds . . . california dreamin'

{necklace by my lavaliere}

because my husband and i recently made the leap into home ownership, we've had to sacrifice a few things... one of them being our summer vacation! so while i sit in the midst of major renovations in my home, i'm daydreaming about relaxing on a picture-perfect beach in california. check out this week's fashion finds to see what i'd wear on my imaginary trip to cali :)


pillow love.

anyone who's ever set foot in my home knows that i'm obsessed with pillows. i just can't get enough... every couch, bed, and chair is littered with cute, colorful throw pillows. so of course i'm totally smitten with these gorgeous, uzbek-inspired embroidered cushions from niki jones. £60 each, available at heal's.


sweat equity

this is what our living room looked like a little over a week ago... and now we're moved in! we've still got a lot more to do, but we've come a long way. we are definitely knee-deep in home ownership... and/or old plaster, ceiling tiles, and 2x4's :)

we couldn't do this all on our own... thank goodness we have so many great friends and family members who are willing to endure all the dust, sweat, nails, and falling debris to help us out. thanks guys, you're the best!