art imitating art . . . de kooning//stuart

inspiration comes in many forms.

it's no surprise that fashion and product designers "borrow" from fine artists when coming up with new designs... but sometimes i'm struck by just how much an every day object reminds me of a work of art i've seen in a museum or book.

maybe it's because i'm an art history nerd, but i love these little moments where you can almost see the creative process and how a designer gets from point a to point b... from inspiration to product.

dress by jill stuart; painting by willem de kooning

when i saw this dress on the outnet, i immediately thought of de kooning.  i mean, how often do you see that jarring peach-yellow-beige color combo?  i don't know for sure if stuart was inspired by de kooning, but in this case, i think a picture is worth a thousand words :)

what's your take?  do you like the dress?  the painting?  can you see the connection?


dear readers,

wow.  i can't believe it's been almost a year since my last blog post.

i seem to have been having some kind of creative dry spell for the past several months... and it hit me recently that returning to blogging might just give me the boost i need.  i do hope you'll come along!

for now, let me share a little special i have going on in my etsy photography shop from now til mid-april (when i leave for a trip to europe... sure to be a major source of fresh inspiration!)

i hope to be back later this week with another post... stay tuned, and give me a nudge if you don't see me back here soon!