snow day!

on saturday, robin (my husband) and i decided to spend some time outside to enjoy the snow. we got all bundled up like when we were kids and headed out. it was so much fun... we had a snowball fight, made up a new game ("snowling" - bowling with snow balls and snow pins), and made a teeny tiny snowman. i just love simple things like this that let you forget about everything and act like a little kid again... we're back to being adults again, but it was good to take a little break :)



look what i woke up to today...

snow! and lots of it. you probably can't tell from the picture, but there is about 5 or 6 inches on the ground, and it is still coming down like crazy.

this being my first winter in new england, i was expecting a very snowy winter. much to my dismay, we haven't really had any really good storms yet. it seems like every time they call for a ton of snow, we have some flurries overnight and i wake up to barely an inch on the ground. but not today... today is a real new england snow day!

days like these make me want to just curl up on the couch under a big fluffy blanket with a hot cup of tea (my choice: mojito from tea noir) and read a good book all day. they also make me wish i had a fireplace. and a kitty to snuggle up with. but i suppose the hot tea and good book will have to do for now.


p.s. i feel like having something hot, tasty, and hearty for dinner tonight. any suggestions for great meals on a snowy winter's day?


help a struggling entrepreneur...

i wanted to share this amazing website i found through kate's blog today. it is called kiva. basically, they find entrepreneurs all over the world struggling to make a living and list them on their website. all you have to do is choose the person you would like to help out, and make a $25 donation - which is actually a loan. once the person of your choosing makes enough to pay the loan back, you can either withdraw your funds or re-invest them in another entrepreneur. how cool is that? read more about kiva here.

some other fun ways to help people:

free rice
help the UN donate rice to hungry people all over the world by playing a fun vocabulary game

pangea market
shop online for handmade goods from artisans in developing nations

toms shoes
buy a pair of toms shoes, and a pair will be donated to a child in need



be still, my heart...

i think i'm in love. i just found the most amazing website ever... it is so beautiful, it actually gave me heart palpitations. it is brocade home.

every now and then i like to browse the internet for furniture, wall decor, and random goodies for my future home. i can't believe i haven't ever come across this website before - it is so my style, so girly and vintage-y and modern at the same time. i requested their catalog... i cannot wait to get it so i can rip out all the pages and plaster them on my walls and pretend that's what my house looks like.

i told my husband that if i could, i would decorate my entire house with this peony colored flocked wallpaper with... wait for it... a metallic silver background!!! he didn't seem too psyched about the idea of having a princess bedroom, but he did agree to let me decorate the powder room of our next house however i want... and i plan on taking full advantage!



my personal dna

i just took this cool personality test, called personal dna - your true self revealed. it was fun, and very different from other personality tests i've taken - and it seems to be pretty accurate! here are my results:

to take the test yourself, click here


etsy find!

i stubmled upon this fabulous etsy shop yesterday, tabidesigns, and i just had to share it! the shop's tagline is "functional sweetness" - and everything in her shop is just that. many of her items center around two of my favorite things - tea and cupcakes! here are some of my favorites... get them quick before i buy out her whole shop!


"i do like tea" print - super cute and only $15!

sweet little embroidered cupcake brooch, $12

tea party embroidered tea cozy to keep your tea toasty, $20