be still, my heart...

i think i'm in love. i just found the most amazing website ever... it is so beautiful, it actually gave me heart palpitations. it is brocade home.

every now and then i like to browse the internet for furniture, wall decor, and random goodies for my future home. i can't believe i haven't ever come across this website before - it is so my style, so girly and vintage-y and modern at the same time. i requested their catalog... i cannot wait to get it so i can rip out all the pages and plaster them on my walls and pretend that's what my house looks like.

i told my husband that if i could, i would decorate my entire house with this peony colored flocked wallpaper with... wait for it... a metallic silver background!!! he didn't seem too psyched about the idea of having a princess bedroom, but he did agree to let me decorate the powder room of our next house however i want... and i plan on taking full advantage!



Robin said...

Yeah, when that catalog shows up, I'm toast!

315thomas said...

haha, you know it!

DancingMooney said...

It's gorgeous! Great find!!