etsy find!

i stubmled upon this fabulous etsy shop yesterday, tabidesigns, and i just had to share it! the shop's tagline is "functional sweetness" - and everything in her shop is just that. many of her items center around two of my favorite things - tea and cupcakes! here are some of my favorites... get them quick before i buy out her whole shop!


"i do like tea" print - super cute and only $15!

sweet little embroidered cupcake brooch, $12

tea party embroidered tea cozy to keep your tea toasty, $20


DancingMooney said...

What a fun shop!!!

P.S. I meant to tell you that I was surfing the front page of etsy the other day, looking at the time machine down at the bottom... saw an item that looked like it might be yours, so I clicked it to see, and yay! It was yours! Just thought you might like to know that your new photo style is starting to really catch on... at least it has for me, I know you now, floating around etsy by your photo style and your items... Yay!
Great job hun!


315thomas said...

Thank you so much Janell! You just made my day, you are so sweet :)

Your shop is also looking really good - I love what you're doing with the collages and pendants!