warby parker.

i've been looking for new prescription glasses frames for ages, but i've had a hard time finding a pair that is stylish and affordable.

enter warby parker... they offer classic, vintage-inspired frames with a modern twist at $95 a pop (including rx lenses). because they mostly sell online, they also have an awesome and totally free home try-on program. they send you your top five frames so you can try them out and get your friends' opinions... after five days you send them back and place an order for your fave.

the best part of all? for every pair they sell, warby parker makes sure a person in need gets their own pair of prescription glasses. that's what i call a win-win!

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brittany leigh said...

i tried to get glasses from there but my prescription was all screwed up so i had to return them :( but i loved the frames and their customer service it AWESOME! good luck finding the perfect pair!