i'm so excited to share this new project from one of my favorite bloggers and artists, jessica gonacha.  she has created a new blog called pecannoot... the name is dutch for pecan, and the pecan tree is a symbol of abundance... the purpose of the blog is to inspire people and remind them of everything they have, even during these tough economic times.  what a wonderful, positive message amid all the negativity we've been beaten over the head with these past months!  

the best part?  the message is conveyed entirely in pictures!  so far, the artwork posted on the blog is all by jess herself, but the great thing about pecannoot is that anyone can participate!  jess is looking for artists to submit images based on the theme of abundance... if you are interested participating, just send her a message at pecannoot@gmail.com.

the artwork jess has posted so far is so inspiring, and i can't wait to see more.  i can really identify with the theme... the tagline "make every day abundant" is right in line with my own goal of getting more out of life this year.  i am definitely going to think some more about what abundance means to me and submit my own artistic interpretation :)



picciolo said...

what a great idea, I will go and have a look!
: )

jess gonacha said...

oh lesley, THANK YOU for posting this, and also for your kind words!! i can't wait to see what you submit- i know it's going to be fabulous! xoxo

Chrisy said...

Thanks so much for sharing the work of this artist and for promoting a positive vibe in ur blog...

Urbanknit said...

great find!