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i recently discovered the amazing online boutique ruche {via cheap chicas blog}, and i just had to share.  ruche carries heaps of dreamy, vintage-inspired clothes and accessories that will make you swoon.  the clothes have that certain parisian flair - that je ne sais quoi - that makes me think of days spent treasure hunting at les puces and nights drinking wine by the seine.  

the romantic silhouettes and muted colors are perfectly on-trend for spring, and - get this - almost everything on the website is under $50!  and if that wasn't enough to get you excited, they also have an entire section dedicated to clothes made from organic and eco-friendly materials.  

if you're a hopeless romantic when it comes to fashion (like i am!), you won't be able to resist ruche.  i ordered some amazing pieces and i can't wait til they arrive and whisk me off to my imaginary parisian fantasy world :)

some of my favorite pieces from their current line (clockwise from top left):

1.  beige chiffon sunday dress, $39.99
2.  brown olden oxfords, $39.99
3.  creamy tutu clutch purse, $26.99
4.  blue linen coolots, $29.99
5.  pleats and tucks gray top, $27.99
6.  brown lacey lace flats, $29.99

well, what are you waiting for?  if you haven't checked it out yet, rush to ruche now!



kiddlebug said...

I'll definitely have to check it out. I love that dress and top. I think you're gonna get me in trouble!

315thomas said...

hehe, i know how you feel kiddlebug! with spring coming, i have developed a bit of a shopping problem... :)

315thomas said...
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Sarah and Jon said...

I love that chiffon dress! Thanks for sharing!