there is nothing wrong in this whole wide world

{photo by heather}

i just recently came upon some photographs on flickr of an art piece called "there is nothing wrong in this whole wide world" by chris cobb.  for the piece, cobb and a team of 16 helpers spent one night arranging all 20,000 books in a san francisco book shop by color.  apparently the piece was only supposed to last for one week, but it was so popular that it was extended several weeks.  i wish i could have seen it in person!

{photo by mermaniac}

{photo by heather}

the photos are absolutely gorgeous, and they inspired me to arrange my own little bookshelf by color.

i always thought it was kind of an eyesore in my living room, but i love looking at it now!  oh, and if you can't get enough of bookshelves arranged by color, check out the flickr group rainbow of books.



NONtRENDY said...

that does look quite nice!

Angie said...

What a neat idea!