more apartment pics!

hello lovelies!

today is a beautiful day... the sun is shining, i woke up semi-early, and i feel like i might actually get some things accomplished!  yay!

robin and i did some spring cleaning this past weekend, and this morning everything looked so pretty with all the sunlight pouring in, so i decided to take some pics to share with you.

we've been living in our "new" apartment for almost 4 months now, but it has been sort of slow going getting things the way we want them.  everything is starting to come together though... slowly but surely!

this is the main area of our living room... we ordered the midcentury sofa from urban outfitters ages ago, and it sat in my parents' garage for months while we looked for our own place!  it was so exciting to finally see it for the first time after it had been boxed up in storage for so long.

it took me forever to pick out all the artwork and throw pillows for this area, but i love how it all looks now... so bright and happy!  the large framed picture on the left is a poster from an exhibition of one of my favorite artists, beatriz milhazes.  this piece was basically the inspiration for all the colors and patterns in the room!  the house print is by ashley goldberg and the little "love" piece is by yours truly!  the birds are vintage from ebay (i spray painted them white).  throw pillows from ikea, karen hilton designs, 1girl1boy, meringue designs, and appetite home.

a view of some more pillows (the orange cable knit one was made by my sister donica - she is so talented, we keep trying to get her to open up her own etsy shop!) and my color coded bookshelf.  it makes me happy.

our little music nook!  my husband and i are both singers, he plays guitar and writes songs, and we both like to play around on the piano a bit.  we are so lucky to have enough room in our apartment to have our instruments set up... and to display some of our favorite screen printed concert posters (both were gifts from me to my hubby).

the seating area of my studio... one of my favorite spots in the apartment!  if you're a regular reader of my blog, you've probably seen this photo before.  i am obsessed with throw pillows (as you might have guessed from the photos of my living room), and i made almost all of the ones in this pic myself... a couple of them from fabric i designed!  so fun.

some studio progress... all my artwork framed and ready to be hung!  the little silhouettes are antique - they were a gift from my parents.  i am totally obsessed with silhouettes.  you can also see some pieces by etsy faves pretty little theives, my folk lover, betsy walton, and eek design.

and in the spirit of embracing my imperfections... this is where i keep some of my mess!  my studio table... lots of works in progress as always :)

hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of my place... have a wonderful day!



Robin said...

great pics! you've done such a good job making our apartment beautiful!

melroska said...

what a lovely apartment! i looooove that couch.

Tea said...

You've got a beautiful apartment! I like your style. Hehe I have a color coded bookshelf too!

nuvonova said...

Oh my god, you've got the nicest apartment!

315thomas said...

thanks for all the sweet comments... i'm glad you like my place!!

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Your home is so gorgeous and full of creative tidbits! Just curious, how do you feel about that sofa? I love the style. I was considering getting it but read a bad review about it being uncomfortable that turned me off a little.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing artist's apartments and work spaces... they're always so cheerful and inspirational:)


jess gonacha said...

oh my, lesley, it looks beautiful!! i love this sneak peek! (and i want that rug- wherever did you find it??)

geschichtenvonkat said...

love the pillows! what lovely color combinations throughout, it must feel so good to come home to that :)

315thomas said...

jess -

the rug is from pb teen, and it is on sale for almost half off!


315thomas said...

elise -

i read some negative reviews of the sofa too and was a bit concerned, but i really like it. if you are a comfy cushy couch type person, it probably won't be right for you - it is definitely on the firm side. i think it is decently comfortable though - the inside is kind of like a thick memory foam type material. throw a bunch of pillows on there like i did and you'll be good to go!


LillyShayStyle said...

That looks awesome, I love it!

Amy said...

Love your decorating style! Nice to know I am not the only one who shops PB Teen - all my coworkers make fun of me - but when you need a colorful rug or set of sheets what do you do?

Jennifer Ramos said...

I like what your doing....the colors go nicely together...good job : )

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

Angela said...

Your apartment is so fabulous!! I love the colors and all the art and the pillows!