my latest obsession . . . textile necklaces

lately i've been noticing a new trend in jewelry on etsy... textile necklaces.  

for as long as i can remember, i've been collecting little bits of fabric, lace, ribbon, and string.  i stash them away until i find the perfect use for them, but much of the time i just keep them intact so i can admire them and use them for inspiration.  so of course i'm totally smitten with the idea of wearing little textile treasures around my neck!  

here are some of my favorites...

clockwise from top left:

1.  gorgeous ruffled vintage lace dangles from an oxidized brass chain... i would wear this every day!  $18, from dinosaur toes

2.  this necklace is so unique... a piece of antique handmade lace is affixed to a backing of floral cotton, and strung up on a strand of rose colored beads.  $28, from elizabethan punk

3.  this piece is like a modern, subtle version of an elizabethan neck ruff.  all the little pleats and tucks are so lovely!  $96, from tinctory

4.  i love this crocheted linen neckpiece... it is a great statement piece that can dress up anything from a casual tank to a basic black dress.  $180, from hedda vatter

5.  these charming necklaces are made from swatches of cotton lace affixed to colorful pieces of felt.  $17.50, from corrieberry pie


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mamajoy said...

Lesley - you should show a picture of the great textile bracelet you made. It's beautiful and one-of-a-kind!