i have been a big fan of the amazing race ever since the first season, but i think the fast pace and all the drama between teams would be a little too intense for me.  so when i read about a new travel experience being billed as "the amazing race for the rest of us," i just had to check it out.  

competitours is a new travel/competition concept in which teams of two go on a whirlwind tour of europe, following a secret itinerary and completing fun tasks along the way.  teams download their itinerary and choice of tasks the night before, then travel around videotaping short segments for every task.  the great thing is, since you have a choice of tasks, you can totally customize your itinerary based on where you want to go and how adventurous you are feeling that day.  and the tasks are based on creativity, not speed or strength, so you don't have to be an olympic athelete to participate.

points are awarded based on which tasks teams complete and how creative/clever/funny the results are.  at the end of the trip, the team with the highest score wins  an amazing vacation prize package!  if you're a fan of travel and excitement, you definitely have to check it out... my husband and i might just have to apply...



Robin said...

Yeah!!! Let's do it!!!

315thomas said...

haha... umm, okay!

Steve said...

Hi Lesley-

Thanks for your interest! Hope to see you on one of our trips!


Steve Belkin