etsy finds . . . druzy jewelry

lately i've been really into natural stone jewelry... but i like a little bit of sparkle too!  druzy jewelry has that perfect combination of earthiness and glitz.

druzy (also spelled drusy) occurs when moisture is forced into the porous surface of a natural stone, eventually causing the surface to be covered with tiny, sparkly crystals - like the inside of a geode.  this shimmery coating makes the already beautiful stones look like sugar-coated candy!

i found tons of spectacular handmade pieces on etsy that celebrate the beauty of this natural phenomenon... here are my favorites!

clockwise from top left:

1. the dreamy aqua colors in this chalcedony pendant are absolutely to die for!  djames designs, $49

2. these "fruit punch sparkle" earrings are so fun and festive, and i am totally drooling over the juicy orange and red colors.  beijo flor, $79

3. this hand-carved brazilian agate ring is so incredible... i love how you can see all the different layers and colors of the stone.  just a stunning piece.  nomad shop, $45

4. this amazing one-of-a-kind necklace is made from a slice of an amethyst stalactite... how cool is that?  jrevolution, $148

5. the stones on these earrings remind me of rock candy, and the little raspberry colored bows are just as sweet!  ladyhawke designs, $28

6. the globular silver forms on this pendant are really unique... such a strange and beautiful piece of nature!  ball and chain, $28

7. this hot pink cobaltocalcite ring seriously looks delicious.  don't you just want to lick it?  masaoms, $120

8. i just love the warm amber tones and raw natural beauty of this citrine geode necklace.  lt creations, $32



Elena said...


Thanks for the kind words and for mentioning my Druzy in Love earrings in your article! What a fantastic group of artists to be included with!

head cheese @ Ladyhawke.Designs

315thomas said...

yw elena - your earrings are gorgeous! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

kate said...

ohhhh....i love druzy!!

jess gonacha said...

ooh, these are gorgeous!! i need some new jewelry, too!

djamesdesigns said...

hey thanks for mentioning my aqua druzy in your article!

thecraftbegins said...

Oh wow that's really lovely - just my kind of sparkle.

Alice X said...

o m g my aws dropped. those are AMAAZINGLY beautiful pieces of jewlery!