cherry blossom festival!

i lived 20 mintutes outside of dc the entire time i was in college, but for some reason i missed the cherry blossom festival every year.  i always went too late, and what few blossoms were left were either hanging on by a thread or trampled into the ground by tourists. 

 so... robin and i are making a point to go see them this weekend.  the blossoms are supposed to be in peak  bloom, and they have a whole big parade and a japanese street festival... it sounds like lots of fun.  

i just hope the weather cooperates... they are calling for thunderstorms today (hail?) and strong winds tomorrow (58 mph gusts?)... so that should be interesting.  i'm just hoping all the cherry blossoms won't be blown off the trees by the time we get there!



Amy said...

Have fun - hope the weather works out for you! Be sure to post some pics too!

A "cheery" disposition said...

I love that picture! and Cherry blossems too!