colour lovers

if you've never heard of colour lovers, you absolutely must go check it out now.  it's a fantastic website where users can upload swatches, palettes, and patterns and share news and updates about the latest trends in color.  i am totally obessed.  

i really respond to color, so when i'm feeling uninspired or just kind of blah, all the gorgeous palettes and patterns really give me a boost.  it is also really great for finding inspiration for color schemes to use in my patterns and artwork.  since i'm often so inspired by the site, i decided it would be a fun idea to incorporate it into my blog and show you how you can incorporate gorgeous, energizing color schemes into your every day life!

the palette below is called sun milk, and as soon as i saw it i was in love!  the colors are just perfect for a sweet spring outfit.  here are my picks!

skinny cropped jeans - the perfect spring/summer wardrobe staple. from gap, $59.50.

the aqua linen scarf adds a polished look and a pop of color.  from forever 21, $5.50.

i am totally drooling over these fab vintage sunglasses in a peaches and cream color scheme.  from american apparel, $45.

the stone encrusted gold ring was a fantastic find, priced at $3.80 from forever 21.  sadly it is no longer available!  here are some good alternatives for $20.

the ruffled silk blouse is totally gorgeous in that perfect shade of coral, and it is way on sale!  get it while you can!  from anthropologie, $49.95.

grey is the new neutral... this leather shoulder bag is super chic and will go with everything.  from asos, about $40 (prices are in british pounds).

cut-out laced flats in a sweet poppy color complete the look. from urban outfitters, $38

hope you enjoyed the new feature... you'll be seeing more color from me soon!



Melanie said...

Wow, very cool. Hadn't discovered this one yet. Another fun color source is kuler.adobe.com. Thanks for sharing!

315thomas said...

thanks for the link melanie! i will have to check that out...