merry christmas!

i am enjoying my holiday with family and friends, the people who mean the most to me.  i will  be back with more new blog posts after new year's day... perhaps i will share my new year's resolutions :)  

i wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.



handmade holiday . . . gifts over $100

here are my picks for the last installment of my handmade holiday gift guide... for those without a tight budget, some fabulous finds in the over $100 category.  for those of us who don't have that much cash to spend... we can still dream, right?  


clockwise from top left:

1.  this gorgeous handwoven scarf is made from hand dyed cashmere and silk.  pure luxury!  $170, from adventures of jr  

2.  i just love this swatch cuff... a unique and one of a kind piece, made from flexible pvc that has been totally carved by hand.  $165, from wear no evil

3.  this fabulous leather bag would be the perfect gift for someone who loves designer purses but wants to support the handmade movement!  $265, from valhalla brooklyn

4.  for someone very special... this amazing original work of art by rania hassan features two painted canvases connected by knitted fibers.  you really have to check out this piece and read more about it.  $340, from shoofly

5.  for the fashionable girl who still likes to be comfortable, a couture fleece jacket with hand-sewn roses around the neckline.  casual but elegant at the same time.  currently sold out, but you can check out other similarly fabulous items from rose la biche

1.  my favorite!  a one of a kind, hand painted porcelain plate... i wouldn't cover up the lovely design with food, but i would love to hang this on a wall in my dining room or studio!  $140, by krisatomic

2.  this fun, retro chair in cherry red upholstery is sure to put a smile on your face.  perfect for someone who likes a vintage look in their home (like me!).  $225, from spruce home

3.  for the photographer on your list, check out grant hamilton's amazing large scale polaroids.  tons of great abstract prints available.  $150, from sxseventy

4.  this lamp is so cool!  it is hand poured in ceramic, then cut through with a pattern of little circles.  very jonathan adler.  $640, from jill rosenwald

5.  art is always a special gift... this original collage is from one of my favorite etsy artists.  $130, from brandi strickland

this completes my handmade holiday gift series.  i had so much fun putting the gift guides together, and i hope they have helped you find something for everyone on your list... or maybe for yourself :)  happy holidays!



handmade holiday . . . gifts under $75

okay, so some of these picks are exactly $75... but most are under, and they are all absolutely gorgeous!

clockwise from top left:

1.  this wrap is frilly and romantic, but a little dark at the same time.  my favorite musician and style icon, imogen heap, owns one just like this!  $69, from bonzie

2.  these capri pants look soooo comfy, but they are still stylish enough to wear out... and they are made to order in italy! with their stretchy, soft material, they would also make a great gift for an expecting mother!  $75, from larime loom

3.  with its neutral color and subtle pattern, this gorgeous swirl bowl would make a great gift for almost anyone.  $70, from kim westad

4.  guys, this stunning necklace made from gold pearls and red garnet would make a very special gift for your special someone.  $62, from elleabelle

5.  for the purse addict on your list... this sumptuous italian leather wristlet with pretty poppy embellishment.  $62, from tm studio designs

1.  these gorgeous flower earrings make a unique gift because of the interesting interplay of materials... they are made from leather and pearls.  $55, from eninaj

2.  this quirky, unexpected skirt would suit someone whimsical and fun-loving.  perfect attire for frolicking through fields of wildflowers :)  $70, from wear it

3.  this 3 color silkscreen print is beautiful, nostalgic, and evocative.  in the $75 range you can afford prints that are more complex and a little larger in size... this one measures 12" x 18".  and once again you have enough cash left to buy a frame!  $50, from sgstucky

4.  this adorable little fox stuffie comes in his own little box, perfect for gift giving sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient.  $55, from abigail brown

5.  my favorite... this original drawing from one of my favorite new etsy artists.  aren't the colors gorgeous?  $75, from what kt does

next time: the sky's the limit... luxury handmade gifts for $100 or more!



handmade holiday . . . gifts under $50

as promised, here are my picks for handmade gifts under $50.

clockwise from top left:

1.  this gorgeous resin-covered print by one of my favorite artists and bloggers would make the perfect gift for any art collector.  $45, from jess gonacha

2.  for the fashonista on your list, a sweet purple tank with two layers of vintage lace trim.  $39, from zorya

3.  i can't get enought of these darling 'purple rain' earrings... perfect for any nature lover... or prince fan!  $42, from celula

4.  for the host or hostess... a lovely set of two tapas platters with an embossed lace motif.  available in a wide variety of colors to suit every style.  $39, from atelier bb

5.  a unqiue and elegant necklace with glass beads and a single silk rose, perfect for a mom or sister.  $49, from liebling designs

1.  my fave... pick up one of these gorgeous surreal photographs from erin tyner's half awake series and have plenty of cash left in your budget to buy a frame!  $28, from erin tyner photography

2.  this pendant is simple but stunning, and the rich plum color is so hot right now.  $38, from verre encore

3.  i am obsessed with silhouettes, and this wall hanging is a fresh, whimsical take on a classic art form.  perfect for the vintage collector or girly girl.  $50, from untamed menagerie

4.  for the man in your life, a great basic t-shirt in organic cotton.  available in a variety of colors to suit any guy.  $36, from brookthere

5.  for that hard to buy for friend or relative... try one of these pretty silkscreened linen throw pillows.  $34, from maramiki

up next: you guessed it... great gifts for $75 and under!



handmade holiday . . . gifts under $25

last holiday season i took the handmade pledge, and this year i plan to continue to buy handmade as often as possible.  as someone with my own small business, i feel that it is really important to support other independent artists and crafters out there.  plus, handmade gifts often have a unique personal touch that is lacking in store bought items.  buying handmade rocks!  

so, without further ado... for those of you looking for the perfect gift on a tight budget... here are my favorite holiday gift picks for under $25.

clockwise from top left:

1.  if you can't afford the real thing, try looking for prints of original artwork.  this fun and unique 8x10 print of a mixed media painting is only  $20, from nancytobin

2.  this girly wrist cuff in shades of mocha and rose has a vintage-inspired look.  so lovely!  $24, from deciduous soul

3.  another gorgeous print... this one features abstract blooms silkscreened in a muted, neutral palette.  $16, from leah duncan

4.  this little faux bois pot would make a perfect planter or pencil cup.  a steal at $15, from ollyw82

5.  for the sweet tooth on your list, a batch of handmade espresso caramels sprinkled with fleur de sel for that sweet-salty combination.  several other yummy flavors are also available.  $7.50, from la bella caramella

1.  gorgeous mossy green teardrop earrings made from porcelain.  a classic, elegant pair of earrings that will look great with everything.  $18, from sofia masri

2.  your giftee will never use another ziplock bag again!  instead, they will pack their lunch in style with this set of 4 reusable fabric snack bags.  $20, from plum creek mercantile

3.  these mini sugar scrubs are adorable, the scents sound divine (my pick is cinnamon snowflakes) - and at this price, you can sample them all!  $4, from savor

4.  my favorite pick of the bunch, a set of blue flocked damask notecards made from recycled vintage wallpaper.  pretty and earth friendly!  $10, from paper hill

5.  set of 3 randomly chosen buttons, each featuring a different abstract design - made from recycled security envelopes.  these would make a great stocking stuffer!  $6, from sweetie pie

hope you liked my under $25 picks... stay tuned for the next round, handmade gifts under $50!



i'm back!

after way too long of a break from blogging, a fantastic getaway in playa del carmen, a crazy move, and a battle with a nasty cold... i'm finally  back!

moving into the new apartment actually went better than expected.  it is on the second floor above retail space, and the stairway is reeeeally narrow.  fortunately we had a lot of helpers and not a lot of bulky furniture so we pulled it off!  thanks so much to everyone who helped.  we've been slowly chipping away at the mountains of boxes and bins and making the apartment into a functional living space.  everything is starting to come together now... more updates and pictures to come :)

after all that stress, the trip to mexico really was just what my hubby and i needed.  the weather was perfect the entire time (think 85 and sunny with just the slightest breeze), the water was calm and not too cold, the food was delicious, and everyone was as nice as can be.  i would go back in a heartbeat... lucky i had christmas and family and friends to come back to, otherwise i might have stayed there forever!

i've been feeling pretty under the weather since getting back from mexico, but i'm recovering now, so you'll be hearing a lot more from me :)  this week i'll be sharing some of my handmade holiday gift picks for every budget, and maybe some more vacation photos... stay tuned!



modish marketplace

this month, i am offering a fabulous discount for shoppers through  modish marketplace... use the code for my shop found in the paper goods section of the website, and you will receive 10% off your order plus one free hand printed card!  

be sure to check out the rest of the marketplace too... there are tons of amazing discounts and freebies from a whole slew of talented artists and craftspeople.  what a perfect place to start your holiday shopping!