handmade holiday . . . gifts under $75

okay, so some of these picks are exactly $75... but most are under, and they are all absolutely gorgeous!

clockwise from top left:

1.  this wrap is frilly and romantic, but a little dark at the same time.  my favorite musician and style icon, imogen heap, owns one just like this!  $69, from bonzie

2.  these capri pants look soooo comfy, but they are still stylish enough to wear out... and they are made to order in italy! with their stretchy, soft material, they would also make a great gift for an expecting mother!  $75, from larime loom

3.  with its neutral color and subtle pattern, this gorgeous swirl bowl would make a great gift for almost anyone.  $70, from kim westad

4.  guys, this stunning necklace made from gold pearls and red garnet would make a very special gift for your special someone.  $62, from elleabelle

5.  for the purse addict on your list... this sumptuous italian leather wristlet with pretty poppy embellishment.  $62, from tm studio designs

1.  these gorgeous flower earrings make a unique gift because of the interesting interplay of materials... they are made from leather and pearls.  $55, from eninaj

2.  this quirky, unexpected skirt would suit someone whimsical and fun-loving.  perfect attire for frolicking through fields of wildflowers :)  $70, from wear it

3.  this 3 color silkscreen print is beautiful, nostalgic, and evocative.  in the $75 range you can afford prints that are more complex and a little larger in size... this one measures 12" x 18".  and once again you have enough cash left to buy a frame!  $50, from sgstucky

4.  this adorable little fox stuffie comes in his own little box, perfect for gift giving sure to put a smile on the face of the recipient.  $55, from abigail brown

5.  my favorite... this original drawing from one of my favorite new etsy artists.  aren't the colors gorgeous?  $75, from what kt does

next time: the sky's the limit... luxury handmade gifts for $100 or more!



capitolagirl said...

Fantastic gift guides!! Your collections are great!

315thomas said...

thanks so much, capitolagirl!!

The Lone Beader said...

I love the fox!!

Also, thanks for stoppin by my blog! I really appreciate it! :D

Christine said...

Tis a fox in a box? Hmmm. Sounds like my kind of item.

I wish I wasn't so broke. T.T