handmade holiday . . . gifts under $25

last holiday season i took the handmade pledge, and this year i plan to continue to buy handmade as often as possible.  as someone with my own small business, i feel that it is really important to support other independent artists and crafters out there.  plus, handmade gifts often have a unique personal touch that is lacking in store bought items.  buying handmade rocks!  

so, without further ado... for those of you looking for the perfect gift on a tight budget... here are my favorite holiday gift picks for under $25.

clockwise from top left:

1.  if you can't afford the real thing, try looking for prints of original artwork.  this fun and unique 8x10 print of a mixed media painting is only  $20, from nancytobin

2.  this girly wrist cuff in shades of mocha and rose has a vintage-inspired look.  so lovely!  $24, from deciduous soul

3.  another gorgeous print... this one features abstract blooms silkscreened in a muted, neutral palette.  $16, from leah duncan

4.  this little faux bois pot would make a perfect planter or pencil cup.  a steal at $15, from ollyw82

5.  for the sweet tooth on your list, a batch of handmade espresso caramels sprinkled with fleur de sel for that sweet-salty combination.  several other yummy flavors are also available.  $7.50, from la bella caramella

1.  gorgeous mossy green teardrop earrings made from porcelain.  a classic, elegant pair of earrings that will look great with everything.  $18, from sofia masri

2.  your giftee will never use another ziplock bag again!  instead, they will pack their lunch in style with this set of 4 reusable fabric snack bags.  $20, from plum creek mercantile

3.  these mini sugar scrubs are adorable, the scents sound divine (my pick is cinnamon snowflakes) - and at this price, you can sample them all!  $4, from savor

4.  my favorite pick of the bunch, a set of blue flocked damask notecards made from recycled vintage wallpaper.  pretty and earth friendly!  $10, from paper hill

5.  set of 3 randomly chosen buttons, each featuring a different abstract design - made from recycled security envelopes.  these would make a great stocking stuffer!  $6, from sweetie pie

hope you liked my under $25 picks... stay tuned for the next round, handmade gifts under $50!



Robin said...

wow, nice picks... you're good at this, you should be getting paid!

geschichtenvonkat said...

saw your post in the forums on etsy about your blog...i try to visit as many as i can in those threads and was happy to find a blog i really liked this time! will definitely stay tuned :)

315thomas said...

thanks geschichtenvonkat! i'm so glad you like my blog :)

jess gonacha said...

ooh, those buttons! and that wrist cuff! good choices. :)

paperhill said...

you blog is wonderful! thank you so much for picking my notecards!

315thomas said...

yw paperhill, i adore your etsy shop!