i'm back!

after way too long of a break from blogging, a fantastic getaway in playa del carmen, a crazy move, and a battle with a nasty cold... i'm finally  back!

moving into the new apartment actually went better than expected.  it is on the second floor above retail space, and the stairway is reeeeally narrow.  fortunately we had a lot of helpers and not a lot of bulky furniture so we pulled it off!  thanks so much to everyone who helped.  we've been slowly chipping away at the mountains of boxes and bins and making the apartment into a functional living space.  everything is starting to come together now... more updates and pictures to come :)

after all that stress, the trip to mexico really was just what my hubby and i needed.  the weather was perfect the entire time (think 85 and sunny with just the slightest breeze), the water was calm and not too cold, the food was delicious, and everyone was as nice as can be.  i would go back in a heartbeat... lucky i had christmas and family and friends to come back to, otherwise i might have stayed there forever!

i've been feeling pretty under the weather since getting back from mexico, but i'm recovering now, so you'll be hearing a lot more from me :)  this week i'll be sharing some of my handmade holiday gift picks for every budget, and maybe some more vacation photos... stay tuned!


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Robin said...

you should put up more pics, but it might just depress everyone (and us). i wish we were still there!