handmade holiday . . . gifts over $100

here are my picks for the last installment of my handmade holiday gift guide... for those without a tight budget, some fabulous finds in the over $100 category.  for those of us who don't have that much cash to spend... we can still dream, right?  


clockwise from top left:

1.  this gorgeous handwoven scarf is made from hand dyed cashmere and silk.  pure luxury!  $170, from adventures of jr  

2.  i just love this swatch cuff... a unique and one of a kind piece, made from flexible pvc that has been totally carved by hand.  $165, from wear no evil

3.  this fabulous leather bag would be the perfect gift for someone who loves designer purses but wants to support the handmade movement!  $265, from valhalla brooklyn

4.  for someone very special... this amazing original work of art by rania hassan features two painted canvases connected by knitted fibers.  you really have to check out this piece and read more about it.  $340, from shoofly

5.  for the fashionable girl who still likes to be comfortable, a couture fleece jacket with hand-sewn roses around the neckline.  casual but elegant at the same time.  currently sold out, but you can check out other similarly fabulous items from rose la biche

1.  my favorite!  a one of a kind, hand painted porcelain plate... i wouldn't cover up the lovely design with food, but i would love to hang this on a wall in my dining room or studio!  $140, by krisatomic

2.  this fun, retro chair in cherry red upholstery is sure to put a smile on your face.  perfect for someone who likes a vintage look in their home (like me!).  $225, from spruce home

3.  for the photographer on your list, check out grant hamilton's amazing large scale polaroids.  tons of great abstract prints available.  $150, from sxseventy

4.  this lamp is so cool!  it is hand poured in ceramic, then cut through with a pattern of little circles.  very jonathan adler.  $640, from jill rosenwald

5.  art is always a special gift... this original collage is from one of my favorite etsy artists.  $130, from brandi strickland

this completes my handmade holiday gift series.  i had so much fun putting the gift guides together, and i hope they have helped you find something for everyone on your list... or maybe for yourself :)  happy holidays!



UniqueNurseGranny said...

Interesting and varied presentation.good job.Would be nice to have money after seeing this, may get a lottery ticket!

315thomas said...

thank you so much! good luck winning the lottery ;)

kim* said...

wow great finds :)

Nancy said...

I love the color scheme. Also...
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hmstrjam said...

love this grouping of images!