the lbd of my dreams.

i'm pretty sure it tops every list of fashion essentials ever compiled, but i've never been able to find the perfect little black dress... a dress that fits like a glove and makes me feel confident, sexy, and ready to take on the world.

well folks, after years of searching, i've finally found it. behold... the caruso dress by temperley london:

i've been lusting over this dress for months... maybe even years... but i never thought i'd be able to afford it. then one day it showed up on gilt... for 70% off!

mind you, it was still about four times what i'd normally pay for a dress. but this is an investment piece i'll wear for years to come. plus, it's the lbd i've been searching for all my life... how can you put a price on that?


Robin said...

i must say it looks even better on you! you should post a pic some time!

lesley said...

aw thanks babe! maybe we can do a little photo shoot in paris :)