emmaline bride.

i'm not planning a wedding (hubby and i have been married for almost 4 years!)... but if i was, my first inspiration stop would definitely be emmaline bride. it's billed as "the wedding guide for the handmade bride," and they have tons of gorgeous, unique ideas to make all the details of your big day just as special as they should be.


Robin said...

gorgeous stuff.

i think it's great when couples getting married are able to do some things themselves by hand to add a personal touch, especially if it saves them some cash!

cafenoHut said...

I love all images but especially the first image is amazing.. and thanks for your blog suggest

lesley said...

cafenoHut - no problem, glad you like it! the first pic is my favorite too :)


lilmoomoo said...

love it :)
I'm currently planning my wedding, and our signature drink for cocktail hour is most definitely going to be served in mason jars..


Kelly Ann Taylor said...

I saw those cupcakes somewhere; can you imagine taking the painstaking efforts to ice those?

Makes me feel crazy to think about it!

Really nice blog!

Sher said...

Are those cupcakes in the first pic? Adorable!

Your blog is soooo cute!

Alexis said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for sharing this site! I'm tentatively doing some wedding planning and am always looking for good handmade wedding inspiration. Thank you!

Kelley said...

It's all so beautiful! I wish I had known about this resource when I was planning my wedding.

lesley said...

lilmoomoo - LOVE the mason jar idea. wish i had done that for my wedding!

kelly ann - i know, i don't even have the patience to frost cupcakes the normal way, let alone make them look as pretty as that.

sher - yes, they are cupcakes! amazing, right?

alexis - glad i could help! good luck planning your big day :)

kelley - same here! though i plan on stealing some of the ideas for parties!

thank you all for stopping by my blog!