weekend project . . . plant an herb garden.

there's nothing quite like a handful of fresh herbs to brighten up a summer meal. i've always wanted to grow my own herb garden, but years of apartment living with no outdoor space didn't exactly help me develop my green thumb.

now that i've got a house and a yard, i'm ready to take the plunge! i have the unfortunate tendency to kill every plant i touch, so i'm taking a bit of a shortcut and using some herb seed bombs i purchased from visualingual. such a fantastic idea for the novice gardener!

hope you have a fantastic weekend... see you on monday!

p.s. no fave finds today... they'll be back next friday!


CohesiveChaos said...

I don't know that it'll make you feel any better, but i'm cursed with that same 'kill everything I touch' in the yard thing too. Wishing you luck in getting things to grow!

Robin said...

man, too bad it rained all weekend. working outside would have been a lot more fun!