manly gifts from kaufmann mercantile.

father's day is coming up, and you know what that means... we all need ideas for manly gifts! here are some rustic, beautifully designed gift ideas from kaufmann mercantile.

bonus - they offer free shipping with any purchase over $25 and $7 off when you sign up for their e-newsletter!

from top:

handmade leather football, $115
canvas backpack, $145
camping hatchet, $36
cloth-bound notebook, $19
deerskin work gloves, $45


Lulu Grey said...

Great Selections! I want that hatchet for myself. (Which sounds very weird to admit on a website).

lesley said...

haha, lulu - it might sound kinda weird but i want that hatchet too!


brittany leigh said...

nice picks! maybe i can get my dad somethign besides the usual bottle of wine this year!



My Hideaway said...

I want that backpack for myself - does that make me manly? Haha. Great picks:)

lesley said...

hideaway - if so, then i am manly too!


Wyetha said...

Great pics, I love the hatchet and the notebook...but I have a slight obsession with journal, and anything moleskin.

The Everything Soap Blog said...

Great picks!!!

Robin said...

digging the hatchet... too bad i'm not a dad!