off to portland!

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i am in desperate need of a vacation... so the hubby and i are off to portland, oregon for an extended memorial day holiday!

portland has been majorly up-and-coming in the past handful of years... you can't turn a corner of the blogosphere without hearing about another amazing artist who calls the city home. lucky for me, my husband makes the perfect tour guide - he was born and raised in good old portlandia :)

hope you all have a fabulous week/weekend... be back next tuesday!


brittany leigh said...

have fun in portland! i have heard wonderful things about the city :)

i am going home to cleveland for the holiday :0



My Hideaway said...

Hope you have fun! Several of my friends moved there about 10 years ago and never left. I have yet to visit, though. I can see why so many artists call Portland home because it seems to be one of the few cities left that has affordable housing, which is kind of a necessity for a starving artist:)

Wear The Canvas said...

Have fun! I'm dying to go,... I moved to Seattle a couple months ago and still haven't made it down! hopefully soon tho! I only hear amazing things

Courtney said...

a weekend in portland sounds fantastic. i've never been there. i hope you get some sunshine.

Robin said...

what a great trip! it's funny that we're back now and missing the portland weather (55 degrees and misting).

i already miss the coffee.