my latest obsession... gilles nouailhac chairs

i am seriously in love with gilles nouailhac's amazing upholstered chairs.  they are handmade in france and are currently only available at a handful of showrooms in europe, but an online shop is opening soon (yay!).

i am imagining a dining room table surrounded by a bunch of mix and match pieces from his collection, or a couple of chairs clustered together in a sitting room or library... to die for!  if only i had more space in my apartment... and a bigger decorating budget...



bananas. said...

oh...my...GAWD! i love the yellow one. how much are these babies going for?! i want it NOW!

OmnisLucis said...

that orange and pink one is so swish.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

They are pure goodness...curl up in your fave Pj's and read a good book chair!
Great post...the yellow is definitely my favourite.

Amy said...

oooh - I want that last one! How much you think that will run me?

315thomas said...

i'm not sure exactly how much they cost, but i do know they are significantly more than my ikea/target budget will allow!

lolly-jolly said...

i absolutely agree with you. i imagine these chairs in the same way, round the wireplace (ecpesially the 1st and the last and more like them) oh god, i would never leave such a chair no matter what is happening outside! this is my dream

Jennifer Ramos said...

I LOVE the last SOFA....i love the pattern!

Jen Ramos
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