ebay score

if you've been reading my guest posts at papernstitch blog, you may remember these amazing vintage shoes from the vintage lace finds.  they've sold out now, but at a size 6 and $75, they fit neither my shoe size nor my budget.  

so i went on a hunt for a similar pair, and amazingly, i was able to find the exact same style on ebay uk... in my size!  i ended up being the only bidder, and picked these babies up for under $15 - including shipping.  what a score!  ebay, i love you.

now, does anyone have any suggestions of what to wear them with?



Robin said...

nice pic!

lookin' good...

bananas. said...

oh my i am in love. girl you can rock those shoes with almost anything, cuffed jeans, cropped pants, dresses, skirts, etc. i must ask, however did you find those?

{lorelailette♚} said...

wow wow wow!!!
I neeeed those shoes to come home with me!!!


315thomas said...

well, i found them on etsy a while back, but they weren't my size and were way out of my budget. so one day i decided to do an ebay search using the brand name... and voila! a week later they were mine. serious luck. i still can't really believe it.


vicki archer said...

With those fab booties on your toots..it won't matter. They are gorgeous, xv.

conversationpieces said...

Oooh good find! I think you can wear whatever you like with those as long as it's done with attitude ;)

Jennifer Ramos said...

I have no idea what you'd wear, maybe black tights? They remind me of the Madonna era...
Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'


umama said...

Wow... amazing! What was your query? I have to search now!