i still can't believe michael jackson is dead.  it just doesn't seem possible.  "the king of pop" was, and always will be, iconic

even though the final years of his life were surrounded by controversy, no one can deny his incredible talent and innovation in music, dance, and performance.  michael was a true performer, one of those rare talents... he was just captivating when her performed, ever since he was a little kid in the jackson 5.

i've been watching the nonstop MJ music marathon on mtv and vh1 since late last night, and after seeing the "thriller" video for what must be the hundredth time, i'm still totally in love with it.  it will never, ever get old.  the song itself is amazing, the choreography is brilliant, and the video itself is totally epic. it also brings to mind so many great memories of my younger years... from crowding around the tv as a scared little kid watching it for the first time, to dressing up like a zombie and trying my best to pull off some of MJ's most famous moves for a high school dance performance.

the point is... even though he's gone, michael jackson will continue to live on in the minds, hearts, and memories of anyone who has ever heard his music... and that's pretty much everyone in the world :)  

we love you MJ, rest in peace.



Robin said...

great post... so sad he's gone.

he had such an amazing and sad life, but at least this gives us an opportunity to reflect on how much he meant to all of us.

there was never anyone like him before, and there never will be again... rip.

bananas. said...

well said. i still can't believe it. it's crazy to see a piece of our childhood gone...but his memory and music will continue to live on forever.

ps. i wish i still had my MJ jacket from back in the days. i would so rock it right now...along with one glove.