inspiration . . . artist collaborations

i stumbled across some amazing artist collaborations today, and i'm feeling incredibly inspired. i love the idea that small pieces from people all over the world... which may be somewhat unremarkable on their own... can come together to form something large, powerful, and beautiful.

watch this video to understand what i mean:

how can that not make you smile?  the description on youtube says this track was made "by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it travelled the globe."  the song is part of the playing for change movement, which hopes to connect the world and spread peace through music.  i joined the community on their website, and i hope that i can become a small part of this amazing collaboration :)

another collaboration i discovered is this piece called 'teppet 10,000 blomster,' which was exhibited last year at the norwegian knitting museum.  for the piece, german textile artist ursel arndt stitched together thousands of handmade crocheted, knitted, and embroidered flowers to create one huge, gorgeous tapestry.  

i found the description and photos on tiny happy blog.  i translated an article about the exhibit from norwegian to english... it is kind of choppy but you get an idea of what the project is about and how it came together.

i also found a post on the blog uk handmade calling for artists to send in their own flowers for a 'fab flower collaboration' inspired by ursel arndt's piece.  i didn't find any updates on the progress of the project, but i think it is a wonderful idea and i would love to see the final result. 

i would love to be part of something like this in the states!  i would also love to hear about any collaborations you have participated in or read about... if you know of anything that fits the bill, please leave a link in the comments!



Robin said...

that's totally incredible! i want to be in it!

315thomas said...

i know, why didn't they call us? ;)

Marie-Eve said...

Playing for Change is a wonderful idea, a peaceful initiative. And it gives good and moving songs.