in search of the perfect tea cup

i drink a lot of tea, so i want my cup to be pretty and functional.  i found some on etsy that i think just might fit the bill.

clockwise from top left:

1. the most adorable set of three aqua and pink vintage melmac tea cups from vintagegoodies
2. witty and charming tea bag and tea spoon cup and saucer in simple black and white from baileydoesntbark
3. gorgeous set of four tall vintage cups and saucers with a pretty medallion design from bluebellbazaar

4. sturdy mug with blue pinstripes and a fun sewing machine design from circaceramics
5. generously sized handmade mug in the prettiest shade of aqua from karinlorenc
6. this amazing one of a kind hand painted cup and saucer from krisatomic sadly sold a couple months ago... but it is still one of my favorites!


1 comment:

jess gonacha said...

oh gosh, i would've picked that bottom one for sure-- that's amazing!!! i'm a big tea drinker, too. now you made me want some tea right now!