giving thanks...

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happy thanksgiving everyone!  

these next couple weeks are going to be pretty crazy for me... my husband and i are moving into a new apartment on sunday, then we are going on vacation to playa del carmen, mexico on thursday!  with all the stress of the holiday season and moving, it really is the perfect time for a little break :)

so, i won't be blogging or updating the shop for a little while... until then, i leave you with a list of things i'm thankful for this year.

- my amazing husband, who supports me no matter what i do!
- spending time with my awesome family and friends... moving closer to home was one of the best decisions i've made in a long time.
- warm weather in mexico!
- the huge community of artists, crafters, bloggers, and small business owners like myself... all just a click away!  you provide me the inspiration and courage to keep doing what i do.
- hot tea and fresh baked cookies :)
- a new apartment to fill with all my treasures...
- a new president who fills me with hope for the future.

what are you thankful for this year?



gina said...

Good luck with the move! At least you can look forward to Playa Del Carmen!! Have a great time!


Robin said...

aw, i'm so thankful for you! xoxo

jess gonacha said...


have a great trip to mexico, and i hope your move went well!