free desktop wallpapers by ryan mcginness

so i might be a little (or a lot) behind the curve, but i just discovered the amazing artwork of ryan mcginness.  he makes these phenomenal sculptures, paintings, installations, and even garments... all with his bold, graphic, iconic style.  they are insanely good... if you haven't seen his work yet, you must check out his website immediately.

my personal favorite part of the website is the downloads section, which features seven fantastic desktop wallpapers that you can download for free.  so those of us who can't afford to spend thousands on an original piece can turn their desktop into a digital art gallery.  my imac is currently sporting number one, "four cats my way," and it has never looked so fabulous.



kim* said...

oooh how awesome is that pic :)

jess gonacha said...

i loooove his work! i had no idea he had desktop wallpapers- FUN!