wine & food... and plenty of it!

{burger bash photo via popsugar}

it's been over a week now, but i'm still recovering from this year's new york city wine & food festival. i consumed way more food and drink than one person should probably consume in a month - over the course of three days. i think i must have gained ten pounds!

while all the events were amazing, the standout this year was definitely the blue moon burger bash. 21 of the city's best restaurants and chefs came together in a warehouse under the brooklyn bridge to determine who serves up the best burger in new york. i don't necessarily recommend tasting 21 burgers in 3 hours, but my family and i were on a mission to find the best one... so we did! there were tons of great contenders, and while we might not have all agreed once the winners were announced (i'm still rooting for shake shack and quality meats!), a good time was had by all.

i also got to mix and mingle with some of the hottest celebrities in the food world. some of my favorites... bobby flay, giada delaurentiis, robert irvine, paula deen & family, and ming tsai!

all in all a spectacular weekend... a big thanks to my parents for inviting us to tag along. let's do it again next year!


Erin Lian said...

That sounds incredible! I think that eating that many burgers is quite an ambition! <3

Joyce said...

Sooooooo much fun! I'm still waiting to lose all that weight I put on......

Robin said...

whose idea was it that we had to taste every single one? :)