pink paint.

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i recently borrowed an issue of house beautiful magazine from my mom that had a whole section on decorating with pink. now, i can't get all those gorgeous pink interiors out of my head!

i love the idea of orchid pink, almost verging on lilac, walls. paired with crisp white trim and taupey-grey accents, i think it could be so beautiful and sophisticated... dare i say even a bit parisian?

what do you think... are you brave enough take the plunge and decorate with pink? and how do i convince my husband that we need a pink room in our house?


Robin said...

hmmm... how do you convince me? maybe if we have a little girl, or if you just paint while i'm not looking?

Erin Lian said...

I love pink!! I really would like pink with black furniture in my room :) <3

Joyce said...


brittany leigh said...

i love this pink on the walls! my boyfriend would NEVER go for it tho :(