crazy life.

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between an earthquake on the east coast, a vacation cut short by a mandatory hurricane evacuation, and an unexpected upcoming trip back out to portland this weekend... my life has been a little crazy lately! hope everyone in the path of irene is safe, and hopefully i will be back to blogging sooner than later.


The Everything Soap Blog said...

I hope all turns out to be okay for you - we just moved from a part of VA that got hit pretty good with the quake and hurricane. Family still living there is pulling through and power is finally back for them. Hoping to hear you are safe soon!

lesley said...

thanks so much courtney! we are doing alight here, just trying to get back to normal. luckily we've been having beautiful, dry weather since irene passed!

i've got tons of friends in md and pa who got hit harder than we did here in jersey. hope your family is doing alright... sending my prayers their way!


Rebekka Seale said...

Yikes! Hope things get settled down soon!

lesley said...

thanks rebekka!


Robin said...

it's really been a crazy time, but at least we have paris coming up!

Liz said...

hope this trip is a happier one for you! All the best


Erin Lian said...

I hope all is well and back to normal!

David C. said...

I like the ad.