color theory . . . white out.

{photo via design*sponge}

{photo from vogue italia, via refinery29}

{photo from nic*nilla}

{horse lamp from boxx+}

{vintage porcelain glove molds from am radio}

{suprematist compositon: white on white by kazimir malevich, via paul corio}

{mason jar vases by alyssa ettinger}

p.s. the kitchen painting went perfectly! it looks so much better already... pics and ideas coming soon :)


Mosquito Beachwear said...

White is so refreshing and clean! Very nice photos!

brittany leigh said...

i've never been a huge white fan, but this post is making me rethink that! great picks, they all look so clean and fresh

Reshma said...

Porcelain glove molds...they really caught my attention! Great picture!