relaxing weekend

here are some pics from my relaxing weekend in the poconos... we all had fun fishing (though my hubby had a bit of a hard time getting the hang of it), canoeing, and just enjoying the scenery.  thanks to mark and lauren for inviting us to stay at the lake house, we had a great time :)

robin attempting to fish on the beautiful lake :)

robin's tangled fishing line

robin's catch... a water snake!  see that bulge?  that's the bait he stole off the hook.

hubby & me canoeing



Robin said...


well, i caught that snake on purpose, for the record! and i think i was smart to let him go...

also, you forgot to mention how you caught a huge bass on just your second cast out. so just one more thing that you're a natural at to add to the list!

mamajoy said...

Looks like you had a great time! You deserved a nice, relaxing weekend. Remember when we went to the "Poke-in-the-Nose" years ago?!