forgotten fragments by sarah-jane cook

this is my 3rd post about embroidered art in the past week... i think it's safe to say i'm obsessed!  i'm sorry if you're getting sick of all this embroidery, but sarah-jane cook's forgotten fragments series just has to be seen.  

the series is comprised of hand stitched doilies featuring found notes and lists... from quick messages to loved ones, to grocery shopping lists, to seemingly incoherent lists of random words and markings.

other people's discarded notes have become a kind of cultural phenomenon (check out passive aggressive notes and grocerylists.org to see what i'm talking about), and i always find them interesting to read... sometimes amusing, sometimes touching, and other times horrifying.

i think sara-jane's doilies are a great new interpretation of these discarded notes... she takes these "forgotten fragments" and transforms them into heirlooms to be passed down, memories to be cherished forever.  a very interesting idea and a lovely execution.

sarah-jane also has an etsy shop with original embroidered pieces for sale, and a flickr page showcasing her work.




Robin said...

very cool! wish someone would embroider my incoherent notes and doodles.

PonderandStitch said...

I think these are great! Do you read foundmagazine.com? That's another great site for found paper items. I sent in a letter I found in a book at an estate sale and it was the find of the day once.

Jennifer Ramos said...

So adorable!

Jen Ramos
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