my latest obsession . . . abstract photography

i have been kind of obsessed with abstract photography since my college years. i was an art history major, and one of the classes i chose to take was an exploration of photography after world war II... ever since then, i've been completely hooked.

photography is such a compelling medium with a lot of unique issues and advantages. i find it really interesting that it took people so long to accept that photography could, in fact, be more than a recorder of history... it could be art.

i find abstract photography especially intriguing because of the way it challenges people's perceptions and expectations of the world around them. it is almost as if the artist is using the camera lens to force the viewer to see what they see... and it can be beautiful, or scary, or strange. tomorrow i will post about a couple of my favorite photographers, and share some of my own abstract macro photography... but for now, check out these amazingly talented etsy artists:

i am completely obsessed with these absolutely stunning large-format polaroid prints by grant hamilton, sxseventy on etsy. i'm also completely in love with his shop banner... you really have to check out his shop.

i love the sharp geometry and dramatic composition of this shot, of a building in houston. by maritere casillas rice, etsy shop mariterecr.

i think this image has an ethereal but also slightly forboding quality... very interesting. by duncan b. fauvel, ojmjakon on etsy.

this could be a painting... the blurriness and rich, saturated colors are wonderful. stunning work by liasynthis.

absolutely perfect composition by fuetere. only 2 items in their shop right now, but i would so love to see more!

hope you enjoyed my picks... stay tuned for more photography tomorrow!



Debbie Gootter said...

I think I am going to make abstract photography my obsession too- I love it!

kim* said...

love the Polaroids

Katie said...

Wow! Great finds!!

Found you through Etsy.

littlebrownpen said...

Oh wow! I am so glad you visited my blog since I was able to click back and visit yours. I am FLOORED by those polaroids. The banner, the colors, the simplicity, everything. So amazing. What a great find!

Debra said...

I love it....I must get my camera and start getting creative.

jess gonacha said...

i completely love everything you chose! (especially that blue one in the middle). awesome!