lately i've been having this feeling, like my life and my space and my shop are all too cluttered. i feel this need to simplify things.

for some reason, this feeling has lead me to start drawing a lot again. i kind of haven't drawn that much since i left the fashion institute in new york last year... i was so stressed out and overwhelmed when i was there, and there was a lot of drawing involved so i think i naturally kind of put it on the backburner for a while.

but now i feel like i want to draw constantly. i like the feeling of clearing my head and just focusing on one thing for a period of time, and the sense of accomplishment i feel when i look down and see a finished drawing. i've been trying to rediscover my artistic style, and lately i have a tendency toward simple, organic line drawings (like my orchid drawing above). i am planning on designing a whole new line of paper goods based on some of my drawings... maybe soon i'll give a sneak peek into some of my new ideas and inspirations.



em said...

that's really beautiful!



I need to clear my clutter too!
That is a really stunning drawing, don't stop!! :0)

jess gonacha said...

ooh yes, a sneak peek! that drawing is beautiful-- can't wait to see what you come up with for the new line. ;)

315thomas said...

thank you so much for the sweet comments! it definitely helps keep me motivated :)

kim* said...

drawing is fun

Penelope & Cassandra said...

I have been drawing a lot lately too and I have wondered why. I'm an actress but the business is so bad and no one is getting acting jobs .My creativity has no way of expressing itself that I think its coming out on paper.