dip dyed hair.

i've always had a weakness for hair color. no color is off limits, from beachy blonde to mysterious brunette to punky fuchsia! but sometimes coloring your entire head of hair is intimidating, especially when the color is a little out there.

here's a fun solution: dip-dyed hair! i love this bold, festive look for summer. and the best thing about it... when you get sick of it, just cut it off!

check out the dip-dye tutorial at mod.

p.s. hope you had a fabulous fourth of july weekend... i know mine was filled with great friends, family, food and fireworks!


Jenny said...

that's a really cool effect. i've always wanted to put pink streaks in my hair but I have yet to do it.

lesley said...

jenny - you should go for it! summer is the best time to go crazy with color :)


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

FUN! I saw a student the other day with green dip dye. Have you ever seen Anne of Green Gables? The part where she dies her hair green on accident? It looked like that.

JLR Designs said...

Ooooh, I love the turquoise!

lesley said...

hannah - i know i probably watched anne of green gables a hundred times when i was little, but i don't remember that part! sounds fun.

jlr - i am fond of the turquoise myself. i think if i were to try dip-dyeing i'd go for either turquoise or lilac!