etsy finds . . . tea time!

the flavor options are endless with this herbal tea kit from cook outside the box, which includes 9 kinds of tea and 13 different herbs and spices!

peppermint sugar cubes from the gourmet sugar company would be the perfect minty fresh accent to plain green tea.

this adorable necklace by found & made designs is made from a vintage tea infuser!

if you're a loose tea fanatic like me, you totally need some of these reusable fabric tea bags from good 4 you.

when you're craving the flavor of your favorite tea on the go, try one of these tea-infused lollipops from vintage confections. they come in four flavors: white tea, rooibos, black tea, and thai tea.

a pretty lace-patterned mug from jade flower makes sipping a cup of steaming hot tea even more enjoyable.

1 comment:

Robin said...

great finds. welcome back.

any of these items would help you in hosting a nice tea party in the new house. you should post pictures soon!