best shoes for summer

one of my favorite things about summer? getting to buy cute new shoes. actually, that's one of my favorite things about every season, but i digress :)

there's tons of adorable, colorful, fun footwear to be had this summer... here are some of my faves.

not only do these ballet flats by corso como look super comfy, but they also come in a rainbow of juicy summer colors! and get this... the soles are foldable, and each pair comes with a matching storage bag you can throw in your carry-on. the perfect companion for all your summer vacation adventures! corso como "festive" flat, $60. bonus - use the code REALSIMPLE and get 20% off until the end of june!

i've always been a fan of TOMS and their one-for-one philosophy, but these new wedges are by far the cutest shoes they've ever offered. i'm loving the nautical-inspired striped canvas and pastel sherbet colors. you really can't go wrong with these... a pair of chic summer espadrilles will never go out of style, and neither will helping out people in need. TOMS wedges, $69.

these "switch flops" by lindsay phillips are pure genius! start with a basic pair of flops like the beige ones above, then mix and match adorable embellishments to create endless summer looks. the styles shown above are just a few of literally hundreds of possible combinations! the basic flip flops are $24 each, and changeable embellishments run $12 a pair. click here to see more options!


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Robin said...

cool, looks like toms is kicking it up a notch