my latest obsession... retro cruisers

a few years ago, i was actually afraid to get on a bike. i'd had a couple of bad experiences riding when i was a kid, so i quit cold turkey when i was around 12 years old. at the age of 16, i was confronted by my nemesis while on a trip to germany. apparently everyone rides bikes there, but i was too chicken to get on one (meanwhile, my host stared at me like i was from mars as i stared at the bike like it was toxic)! more recently, bicycles were making a huge comeback as a mode of transportation, and i envied all the hipsters breezing by with the wind in their hair.

last year i finally decided enough was enough. i dragged my old bike out of my parents' garage and timidly started pedaling in the alley behind their house. and guess what? it was like riding a bike. all those years i'd been afraid for nothing... who knew the saying was true?

so now i'm in the market for a real, adult bike, and i'm totally smitten with vintage-inspired cruiser bikes. here are some stylish wheels that will have you riding in style in no time...

from top:

1. women's orange tahiti beach cruiser, $224.99 from overstock.com.

2. liberty of london for target "garla" bike... sadly only produced in a very limited edition, and now sold out. but if you're willing to spend a lot for a collector's item, there are a couple available on ebay.

3. custom-built dutch bike, $399 from republic. this baby is fully customizable, from the tires to the hand grips. pick your favorite colors and make it your own!



Robin said...

awesome post!

don't you have a birthday coming up? :)

Anonymous said...

love it!!!!

i'm dying for a retro inspired bike :)

Anonymous said...

These are SOOO cute. I had my bike stolen from me last year and am desperately wanting a new one. I saw the cutest vintage shwinn in baltimore last week!

sheer whimsy said...

oh my! i love vintage cruisers! you've a lovely blog :)