shinzi katoh

my sister got me a roll of shinzi katoh's decorative tape for christmas, and since then i've been obsessed with the japanese artist's adorable designs. after a little googling, i found that his illustrations are used on tons of great products, from super cute craft supplies to fun and functional kitchen wares.

i am totally in love with this "tea for two" set... isn't it just so charming?

i'm also a big fan of the "deux mug," a set of two stacking mugs... perfect for my husband (a coffee drinker) and me (a tea drinker)!

see a huge array of shinzi katoh's designs in his online shop.



Suzanne said...

oooh i love his designs too - so sweet!

Robin said...

good call with the deux mug!

Anonymous said...

I am so obsessed with Shinzi Katoh right now! I have decided to get one of the little calander books for myself for my birthday!